Anna Harding



Riparian Wharf

Riparian Wharf is the new, modern development in London; affordable and accessable for the busy lives of the younger generation of business-likes. They are most likely moving away from home to London for their first job out of university, and this modern branding will surely attract their attention.         
Advertising is the most important method of bringing a brand’s message to their audience. Most people find out about new properties through adverts they see; on billboards, hoardings, in newspapers and magazines, or online. It would be best to show the exterior shots of the bulding in the media, it is a very striking structure, which will be sure to catch eyes. The inside shots of propeties adverts all look the same – a room is a room. However, it’s the architecture of the buildings that are unique and, therefore, attract customers.           
Merchandising is an essential way to market anything and everything, especially properties. Buying a new home is always a big investment, so giving the customers some free-bees is great incentive to bring them around to the idea. It also provides  extra profit if you want to have a gift shop somewhere on the property.

The abstract nature of the ‘R’ in the logo makes it easy to be used in a decorative manner when standing on its own without the ‘wharf’. The ‘R’ should become the ‘mascot’ of the property, so it can be applied into many mediums and onto many items.