Anna Harding



R. U. Hacking? Rebrand

R. U. Hacking? (Reading University Hacking Society) is a society run by and for students who seek to get more involved in the tech industry. After rebranding the society in 2019, I became Lead Designer and a part of the committee.

The society was becoming a rather closed group of Computer Science students who wanted to code. However, the idea of the president was to make it more open and inviting. The new branding had to communicate that the society and events organised by it are open for everyone, not only people with the ability to code.

The client chose to have a lion as their logo, because it relates back to Reading. The logo is split in two: one side normal and one side tech, to get across to the audience that beginners can join as well as more experienced coders. The lion is contained within a shield, further linking with the University of Reading logo.

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