Anna Harding



Ovari Cycle Tracker

Ovari is a web app for people with an active cycle who are experiencing periods or the menopause. Its features include an in depth cycle tracker, which provides a thorough analysis of symptoms and explains the meanings behind them. Unlike other cycle trackers which hide this extra information behind paywalls, Ovari is free to use. This web app also provides useful articles on how best to cope with symptoms and offers support for those struggling to understand their menstrual cycle.

I wanted a calming colour scheme to revolve around shades of red, since it is the colour most associated with menstruation. It’s also very warm and therefore gives a comforting feeling to the user. The darkest is a purple, which is the key colour for the branding of the site due to its richness – the task bar and clickable elements for logging are all this shade, establishing a clear and consistent usability. For the secondary, complementary colours I chose two shades of a warmer blue, in order to contrast with the reds whilst still creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the site. Throughout the website I make use of gradients between these colours to add dimension to elements, such as the cycle circle and sliders.

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