Anna Harding



Feed The World

Pro‘Feed The World’ is an app I created, which sets out to make the process of of researching and donating to food-related charities, whether it be food, money or work, much easier and achievable all in one place. An interactive, personable and innovative app, it is truly a breath of fresh air in the wake of charity over-saturation and manipulation. With aims to lead the way in the fight against world hunger, and be the main source of information for the masses, ‘Feed The World’ is the way forward for humanity.

The app is split into three sections: money, food and work–the three methods of donation. By tapping the logo at the top of each page, it will return the user to the selector screen, shown below. This allows the user to easily switch between the three categories, whilst keeping them separate, to fully optimise the user’s experience.

The app’s main USP is the charity ‘rating’ system; the number represents the percentage donated straight to the cause, so the higher, the better–it is also shown by the green portion of the pie charts. The remaining percentages are made up of the fundraising and administration costs, represented in the pie charts in yellow and red, respectively.                   
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